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About Makine Tasarim inc.
Fluid Process = Diverse Capabilities

Makine Tasarim was founded in 2004 with a passion for combining all elements of the product development process under one roof. Ten years and many projects later, we are still guided by that same passion. We believe keeping as much of the development process together, has a greater chance of making a successful product.

Makine Tasarim is a multi-disciplineary product development studio. Our team approaches each project with a passion for solving problems through improved product aesthetics, interaction design, application of materials, engineering, and manufacturing processes.

Our design process is fluid enough to allow the successful design of products and systems ranging from car body to disposable medical testing devices.

Our multi-disciplinary team works closely to our workshop where the convergence of ideas, skills, and creativity is the key to the successful realization of your project.

Our team's goal is to provide pure innovation and award winning designs that emotionally connect users with the product, exceed our clients’ business objectives, and distinguish our client from their competition.




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